“The price of education is paid only once. The price of ignorance must be paid for ever.”   — Author Unknown 

Now you can give your children the power to create a better future...

"First Total Self-Development Program For Your Children"


Helps you imagine the best possible life for
your children and make it real--even if you think
they're just average!

Here's how...


First, let's face the truth.

In this age of tough competition and fast changing time....

 Only good grades can't guarantee success
 for your children

Children need more skills now. They need better training to survive and succeed in today’s competitive times. 

Children need practical knowledge and smart Success Skills like:

  • How to think up creative ideas and solutions to beat any competition

  • How to learn anything fast using Brain-friendly learning methods

  • Mind control skills to achieve goals, get rid of bad habits and become better human being

  • How to develop magnetic personality to attract people and better opportunities in career and life

  • Developing career skills that influence employers to offer job

  • How to handle stress or problem and stay cool

  • How to use brainpower to attract wealth, success, and happiness easily

No doubt. Children who are taught above skills can handle any situation in life, isn't it? They can overcome any difficulty. Beat any competition. Achieve greater success in whatever they do.

But here’s a shocking news…

Important Skills Missing In Formal Education!

Our world has changed fast. But unfortunately, our education system has not changed with the same speed.


Most of the smart skills or techniques that make success easy for children are not being taught in schools and colleges!

As a result, children have to work much harder to achieve success. Many even struggle to get good job or better opportunities when they grow up. And end up living  frustrated, stressful and unhappy life.


"Do you know?..."

Almost 90 percent of children all over world end up as failures or unemployed or underachievers...even after spending 15 to 20 years and lot of parent's money on Education?

Why?  Lack of success skills and practical knowledge!

But you don't have to worry.  

Your son or daughter need not suffer this pain and frustration.

Now you can ensure a successful future and happy life for your children…even in this age of tough competition. And even if you think your children are just average!


You can help your children develop all the important success skills, habits and qualities, using a unique, scientific course...

For Complete self-development of Your Children

Success MindwareTM is a first total self-development course for high school or college going children. It contains scientific techniques, practical tools and easy step-by-step methods which:

  Prepares your children for today’s competitive and tough world

  Helps your children develop these important success skills and
      qualities missing in education system:

  • Mind programming,

  • Career skills,

  • Smart study skills,

  • Creative thinking,

  • Self confidence,

  • Personality development,

  • Memory,  

  • Public speaking,

  • Brainpower,

  • People skill,

  • Concentration,

  • Good relationships,  

  • Health,

  • and more!

 Helps your children achieve more success in all areas of life: studies,    
     career, personal & social life, irrespective of their present performance


What Parents Are Saying About Success MindwareTM

"Both my daughter and son are now very confident!"

         "Success Mindware has solved these problems of my children...

  • My younger child was scoring less while in 5th and 6th standard. Now due to Success Mindware, he has improved and scoring about 20 % more (from 60% to 80%)
  • Both my daughter and son are now very much confident in facing studies and overall life situations.
  • My both children are very much popular among friends, relatives, parents due to Success Mindware"

Vivek K. Sapkal, Nagpur


Designed As Set Of Ten Parts...

To help your children develop all the success skills, habits and qualities they require, Success MindwareTM is designed as a set of following 10 powerful parts...


Part-1: Brainpower Secrets & Self-Motivation Tools To Make Success Automatic

Part-2: How To Program Yourself To Succeed At Anything

Part-3: How To Choose Most Suitable Career

Part-4: How To Develop Mental Sharpness To See and Think What Others Can't

Part-5: How To Learn Anything Fast, By Using Brain-Friendly Study

Part-6: How To Have A Magnetic Personality In 21 Days

Part-7: How To Become Creative To Stay Ahead In Career And Life

Part-8: How To Program Yourself To Be Healthy, Safe And Lucky

Part-9: Guide For Parents And Teachers To Make Ordinary Child
Extraordinary Person

Part-10: ACTION PLAN & WORKBOOK to Assure Your SUCCESS, By


Each part of Success MindwareTM course is designed to help your children develop one or more important skills and give them the power to achieve their dreams.

In fact, Success MindwareTM is a well planned ‘practice-oriented system that includes:

  • More than 700 pages of easy-to-understand Information

  • Around 100 easy practical Exercises

  • 15 Figures and 27 Tables

  • 11 Charts, 2 Checklists

  • 21 Self-programming cards to cultivate magnetic personality

  • 3 goal achieving cards to remain focused on one’s goals

  • “Life-Dream” format to motivate children to excel in all areas of life

All the 10 parts of Success MindwareTM are available as pdf manuals, which you can download instantly to your computer and start using them today.

In fact, Success MindwareTM is a…

 "Holistic System For Overall Development of Your Children!"  

What makes Success MindwareTM highly effective for your children is thatit not only helps your children develop important skills, but also helps to improve all important areas of your children's life.

It helps to bring balanced growth and all-round development in your children. You would understand this easily if you take a look at the figure below, showing important areas of life:

Our life has many areas, of which these 6 areas are very important: studies, career, personal or family, social, health, spiritual or moral.

We can enjoy successful and happy life, only if we take care to develop and improve all the above 6 areas of life.

And Success MindwareTM helps your children to improve all these areas one by one—with easy, fun-filled exercises, simple methods and proven tricks!

"Can you imagine the kind of life your children can enjoy with this kind of total improvement?"

Your children will be able to:

Score high in exams and become better students

Excel in their chosen career

Develop attractive personality and get more help and co-operation from people

Enjoy more peace and happiness in personal life

Have good relationship with family and friends

Interact better with people and Enjoy more success in social life

Live more healthy and energetic life

Become better human beings!


It would feel wonderful to watch your children enjoy this kind of life, isn’t it? And the best thing is, all this is practically possible.

There's no hype or magic in this.

In fact, if you think about it a moment, you will realize that it's all just common sense.

If you develop and improve all important areas of life, then success and happiness comes automatically. Peace, fulfillment, content, satisfaction follows naturally. There's no doubt about it.

And this is how Success MindwareTM works for your children.  

 "Your Children Can Develop
Success Skills At Home!"

It's a proven fact that children learn best by doing. Also, we know that skills and habits can only be developed by “doing” and not just by reading.

That’s why Success MindwareTM is like a home-study course, packed with onlypractical information, easy do-it-yourself exercises, how-to strategies and step-by-step methods!

So that your children can develop important success skills, habits and qualities sitting in the comfort of your home.

What's more, you will not find any jokes or made up stories as ‘fillers’ to waste your children's time and your money.  

Everything is written in up-to-the point manner and in simple English. So that your children can understand quickly. 


Why Success MindwareTM Works...While Other So Called "make children successful" Programs Fail?

The reason why Success MindwareTM works is because it's a practical course based on these proven scientific principles and techniques that give actual results:


Working Secrets of Human Brain—to help your children make maximum use of brainpower and develop good thoughts, habits and qualities easily. 


Brain-Friendly Learning Methods—to learn fast, remember more and excel in tests and exams!


Simple Mind Training Techniques—to develop mental sharpness, magnetic personality, creativity, good health and relationships.


Proven Success Strategies—to help your children overcome even the toughest competition and progress faster in career and life.


Easy Practical exercises—to help your children develop important Success skills and habits sitting in the comfort of your home.


What Parents Are Saying About Success MindwareTM

"Scientific approach is helping my child"

"Because of the scientific approach of Success Mindware, it has appealed to my child. She is doing her studies with correct technique. Therefore she is not feeling study as a burden. Her memorizing capacity has improved."

Dr. Mrs. Varsha Chandak, Nagpur

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Success MindwareTM


Created After Years Of Testing...  

Success MindwareTM has been designed and created by B.K. Narayan who is a self-improvement expert, consultant, author and happy parent of two grown up children. 

Narayan himself started out as a poor student!

But accidental use of one crude mind-programming method changed him from a failure to successful student! (You can read this interesting story about B. K. Narayan in detail by clicking link given at the end of this page.) 

This change amazed him. And he realized that...

Anyone can improve--only if right technique is used  

Encouraged by his success, Narayan started studying secrets of mindpower.

Since 1968, he has been studying various Mind Control methods, Self-development techniques, Yoga, Metaphysics, Cybernetics, Quantum Physics, Psychology, and even Hypnosis.

But he didn’t stop at just studying. He started experimenting and personally using them in his life. As a result, he learnt a lot.

He found out what methods work…and what doesn’t

Narayan discovered many amazing secrets that make success easy--in anything.

Result? It changed his life.  

He found a good job. Improved his health. Solved various personal problems. Got married to a kind of woman he wanted. And even transformed his two children into successful achievers—by teaching them many of the powerful methods and secrets he had discovered.

But the story doesn't end here.

After gaining success from his methods in his personal life, B.K. Narayan started teaching it to others since 1993.

Till now he has conducted training in more than 23 Schools to help students improve their performance. He has also held many training programs for teachers and parents to help them guide their children better.

After observing children's struggle...

Initially, Narayan used to concentrate only on teaching about brain power and study skills.

But after observing children who pass out of college, he was struck by a fact that...most children struggle to get good jobs, wealth, recognition, and success in life...even after spending years on education.

And the reason why children struggle isn't hard to find out.

In this age of ever-changing technologies, tough competition and globalization, ordinary skills and talents are not enough to survive, let alone succeed.

In this age, children...and even adults...need smart success skills, right techniques and positive qualities that make it easier to face the challenges of 21 century.

But unfortunately, our education system doesn’t teach many important success skills and qualities to children.  So is it any wonder, that most children end up with poor jobs, stress, broken relationships, bad health and unhappy life, even after finishing their education?

He decided to do something...

Seeing this frustration and struggle of children, B.K.Narayan decided to create a practical system to help children develop all the important success skills and life skills that are missing in education. 

Using his years of experience, research and experimentation...Narayan put together selected “how-to” information, his own special methods that he had devised to make success easy, plus lot of powerful exercises which any children can do…and created a unique self-development system.

He finally named it as Success MindwareTM and started offering it to parents and students as home study course only—so that children can sit in the comfort of their home and learn all the methods and skills one by one, at their own speed. 

"Exactly What Children Need"

Ever since B.K. Narayan released it in 1997, lot of parents who have bought Success MindwareTM come to tell him that, “Narayan, this is exactly what our children had needed all along.”

In fact, many students also personally meet Narayan to pick up Success MindwareTM for themselves! Who says students aren't interested in reading and improving themselves?

You would probably understand why parents and students love Success MindwareTM once you take a look at the incredible and powerful content packed inside Success MindwareTM...

"Here're some of the powerful step-by-step techniques packed inside Success MindwareTM to Transform Your Children's Life…"


Make Success Easy For Your Children with Part-1

Part-1 of Success MindwareTM  is a life-changing part. It helps to build strong foundation for your children’s success.

It reveals the secrets of how brain works and shows your children how to use this information to improve their thinking, attitude and beliefs. And helps them develop strong self-confidence and self-image. 

 Here's a detailed look at the incredible content packed inside part 1…

PART-1: Brainpower Secrets & Self-Motivation Tools      To Make Success Automatic:

                       Pages--61,    Table Of Contents

  • Know in 66 Seconds whether you are programmed to Excel in life or not (page 9) 
  • Develop “Winner Self-Image” permanently with this simple training (page-12, 22)

{You can get this chapter-1 FREE today and use it to get this big benefit! Keep reading to know how}

  • Working Secrets of Brain that make success easy (page 25)

  • “Twin Controls” to get rid of Bad Habits and cultivate Success-Causing Habits (page 34)

  • 4 properties of Brain that helps to escape ordinary living (page 37)

  •  Learn to use power of Emotions (page 41)

  • Two Incredible Tools to Motivate yourself permanently (page 46-52)

  • 3 Action Plans to develop strong Self-Confidence (page-53, & 58-59)



Give Your Children Power To Re-design
Their Life With Part-2

In Part-2 of Success MindwareTM your children will learn how to program their brain to achieve goals, get rid of bad habits, attract more success, wealth, health and happiness in their life.

This part contains 10 days practical Training—which includes powerful but fun-filled exercises to help your children develop the skill of mind-programming or self-programming! Take a detailed look at the amazing information and techniques packed inside part 2…

PART-2: How To Program Yourself To Succeed
              At Anything:

                         Pages 102,   Table Of Contents

  • 10 Days Practical Training to develop skills to program your brain for success:

    5-Days Basic Training--get familiar with methods and tools to program your brain to do what you want (page 30)

    5-Days Advanced Training—to change your behaviour and habits and attract more success, wealth, health and happiness (page 40)

  • Easy Self-Programming Exercises to:

      Relax instantly                           

      Remove Stress                          

      Loose Weight                             

      Get rid of negative thoughts               

      Produce miracles                         

      Cure sleeplessness                               

      Choose right life partner            

    ►  Become more successful


Choose Career That Suits Like
Second Skin With Part-3

Choosing proper career is the secret to achieve faster progress and greater success in a job or business.

Part-3 of Success MindwareTM helps your children become aware of unlimited career opportunities around them and it teaches them practical techniques and strategies to choose career that suits them most.

Here's a detailed look at the wonderful things your children will learn from part-3...

PART-3: How To Choose Most Suitable Career

                      Pages 60  Table Of Contents

  • Here is an easy way to have a powerful dream, to Focus your mental energy and guarantee success (page- 9)

  • Unlimited career opportunities  (page-13)

  • How to choose career that fits like second skin  (page-21)

  • Avoid entering outdated career by asking these 4 Questions (page-48) 

  • Social Gaps as career or business Opportunities  (page-57)



Increase Mental Sharpness and Be
Ahead Of Others With Part-4

To succeed easily, your children need to sharpen their mental skills and abilities.

Part 4 of Success MindwareTM contains simple and practical exercises to help your children develop important mental skills and abilities like: concentration, observation, reasoning, effective thinking ability, self-managing ability, intuition, etc.  

Take a detailed look at the powerful skills your children will learn from part-4...

Part-4: How To Develop Mental Sharpness—To See
               and Think What Others Can’t

                       Pages 59,  Table Of Contents

  • Get the KEY and Combination Code to increase your mental efficiency  (page-10)

  • Simple exercises to sharpen these important Skills that are required to beat competition and make success easy:  (page 13-29)

o        Observation skill

o        Reasoning skill 

o        Listening skill

o        Expression Skill

o        Concentration Skill

  • Secret to Successful Career & Rich Life: Develop these 5 Abilities with simple exercises:  (page- 35 to 54)

o        People Ability

o        Self-Managing Ability

o        Effective Thinking Ability

o        Intuitive Ability

o        Moral or Spiritual Ability



Face Tough Exams Cheerfully And Score Higher Using Part-5

Your children can welcome any exam with open arms using Part-5 of Success MindwareTM It teaches many powerful study tricks and techniques which helps your children to—solve any study problem, learn better, remember more and score higher in exams.

Makes it easy for your children to get admission into higher education courses or Universities. Check out all the mind-boggling study tools and techniques packed inside part-5…

PART-5:  How To Learn Anything Fast, By Using
                Brain-Friendly Study Methods:

                        Pages 146,  Table Of Contents

  • Powerful 11-Steps to Excel in exam and transform yourself into top class student, irrespective of your present performance! (page 16)

  • How to improve your performance in the subject you hate! (page 25)

  • Easy tricks to Learn more in classroom  (page 31) 

  • Incredible techniques to concentrate 100 %, instantly  (page 35, 36)

  • Prepare a Study Time-Table that works  (page  43)

  • Boost your learning power with Integrated Study Method (ISM). This method alone is enough to make you a ‘super student’--as it helps to use your Whole Brain in Learning!  (page  49-54)

  • Creating and Using Mind-Maps (page 61)

  • Increase Word Power--get familiar with 1100 BASIC Words  (page 131)

  • 7 effective ways to increase Reading Speed (page 67)

  • 6 MEMORY TOOLS & MNEMONICS to increase memory power (p 90)

  • Excel in any exam with these Powerful tips and techniques (page 101):

o        how to do effective revision and remember more

o        writing perfect answers 

o        how to program yourself to succeed in exam

o        important actions to take before and during exams

o        understanding and solving various types of questions

o        how to recall answers if you forget during exam 

  • Give best performance in practical exams and viva voce (page 117-119)

  • What to do when things go wrong? How to deal with failures (page 121)

  • 8 Effective Ways to make Tough Subjects easy! (page 125)





Make Your Children “People Magnet” With Part-6

Everything we need to live better comes from others—encouragement, help, work, love, money, things, etc.  Hence it's important to develop attractive personality so that your children can get help and co-operation from people easily.

That's why, Part-6 of Success MindwareTM helps your children develop attractive personality using a unique 21-days program that includes simple strategies and tricks.

Here's a detailed look at the amazing content packed inside part 6…


PART-6: How To Have A Magnetic Personality In 21 Days

                      Pages 56,  Table Of Contents

  •  Five reasons why you can have magnetic personality  (page-9)

  •  21 Days Training Program to improve your personality  (page-21)

  • How to make magnetic qualities your habit  (page 43)

  • 6 Strategies to attract other’s help and co-operation  (page-47)

  • How to cultivate and keep good friends  (page 51)

  • How to make your personal relationships harmonious (page-53)




Help Your Children Develop This Most Wanted Skill--Creativity with part-7

Creativity skill is in high demand today.  With this skill, your children can produce creative ideas and be eligible for high income opportunities…while others worry about competition and insecurity!

Part-7 of Success Mindware
TM helps your children to increase their creativity and problem solving ability using easy methods.  Here's a detailed look at what’s packed inside part 7…

PART-7: How To Become Creative To Stay Ahead In
               Career And Life 

                       Pages 72,  Table Of Contents

  •  Become a CREATIVE DYNAMO using these 7 factors... (page-11)

  • Produce creative ideas with these 12 PRINCIPLES...  (page-20) 

  • MAGIC FORMULA to devise and ask creative questions (Given 61 Sample Questions)—to solve problems, improve things, create new products, reduce cost, save time or effort and attract new customers. This power alone is enough to get ANYTHING!  (page 21-25)

  • Solve any problem with these simple steps... (page-31) 

  • How to sell your ideas and make money...  (page-35)  

  • Save time with these 11 ways...   (page-39)

  • Speak confidently: Step-by-step help for public speaking... (page- 45) 

  • 9 Guidelines to write better... (page-57)  

  • How to give successful job interview... (page-67)



Your Children Can Stay Healthy and Safe
Using Part-8

Without good health and energy, it's hard to achieve big success.

That's why part-8 of Success MindwareTM helps your children to enjoy better health, luck and safety using simple health rules, strategies and self-programming exercises!

Check it out for yourself....

PART-8: How to Program Yourself to be Healthy, Safe
               and Lucky

                       Pages 46,  Table Of Contents

  • Enjoy more health and energy with these 5 Dynamic Rules...  (page-10)

  • How to live a long, long life... (page-27)

  • Self-programming exercises to heal yourself... (page-34)

  • Become “ACCIDENT-PROOF” using this Self-programming exercises...   (page 36)

  • Attract More Luck with these 12 strategies... (page-39)

  • Simple way to prepare a Balanced,  Master Plan of Life... (page 44-45)  




Guide Your Children Effortlessly with Part-9

Part-9 of Success MindwareTM is a Guide For Parents And Teachers To Make Ordinary Children Extraordinary Persons.

This part provides guidance to parents and teachers to solve children’s problems and help them use Success MindwareTM easily.  Take a detailed look at the highly useful content packed inside part 9…


PART-9: Guide For Parents And Teachers To Make
               Ordinary Children Extraordinary Persons

                      Pages 30,   Table Of Contents

  • Ask these 23 questions to know your children better  (page-11)

  • How to influence your children to Use Success MindwareTM  (page-12)

  • Special tool to help you have loving relations with your children  (p-15)

  • Bring permanent positive changes in your children in seconds when others shout and scream for hours  (page 16)

  • How to solve 11 Notorious Problems that lead children to failure (p-18)

  • How parents make their children ordinary or extraordinary. To make your child Extraordinary, just do what the positive parents do (p25- 27)




All Important Exercises Packed Together
in Part-10

Because Success MindwareTM brings all the success skills and techniques in one single package, it's huge. That’s why, to help your children use it easily, part-10 of Success MindwareTM is designed as a special ACTION PLAN & WORKBOOK.

This part contains Action Plans to use all other parts of Success MindwareTM  It also includes series of well arranged exercises that serve as workbook to bring the desired changes in your children.  Check it out yourself…

                 Your SUCCESS

Pages 80,   Table Of Contents

  • Action Plan #1: 11-Days Action Plan, with investment of only 30 to 45 minutes a day, to ensure success in studies without tension (page-13)

  • Action PLAN #2: To get complete benefits from Success MindwareTM  (page-17)

  • 23 Selected Action Steps to COMFORTABLY Achieve Top Success (listed on page-5)

  • Learn difficult information Speedily (page-52)

  • Incredible “Daily Routines” to form habits that lead to success (p 54)

  •  40 Powerful Affirmations, to bring positive changes in life (page-58)

  • List of ‘Table of Contents’ of ALL the 10 parts of Success MindwareTM  to instantly find any topic and its page number. (page-61)

ES, Success MindwareTM surely is an All-In-One,
power-packed Self-Development system which
care of all important areas of your children’s life.

No Hard Methods. Your Children Can
Use It Easily...

Success MindwareTM is totally safe and easy to use.

No hard or complicated methods. No hypnosis. No psychotherapy. No equipments.

Success MindwareTM includes only simple, fun-filled exercises which your children can do easily, irrespective of their present performance. Also, many exercises are explained with examples so that your children can understand them quickly.

The best part is, your children can do these exercises along with their studies, at their own pace.  As many of the exercises require….only 5 to 15 minutes of practice!

That’s why, your children can use Success MindwareTM at any time they like: along with their studies, or during weekend or holidays! 

And here's something more interesting...

Your Children Don't Have To Read Much

Even though Success MindwareTM is huge with more than 700+ pages packed with powerful information and techniques, your children don't have to read much to get rid of problems!


Because Success MindwareTM is not some 'theory' program that children have to sit and read for hours together. It's a practical course that children can use easily and quickly. Here’s how:

Part-10 of Success MindwareTM contains a list of ‘Table of Contents’ of all other parts.  Your children just have to refer this list of ‘Table of Contents’ and decide what problem they want to solve or which skill they want to learn.

Then all your children have to do is, open that page number. Follow instructions. Finished. Your children will learn the information or method they wanted. Using Success Mindware
TM is so FAST!

For example: If your son or daughter is unable to Concentrate 100% while studying, then open ‘Table of Contents’ list in part 10. Look for the topic "Concentration" and open that page (page 35-36 of part-5. ) Follow the instructions. Then your children will be able to concentrate 100%, on anything, for any length of time. And it takes just 10-minutes to learn this technique!


More Customer Feedback on Success MindwareTM :    

Success Mindware covers many topics which are helpful for all-round development of my children. It helped to motivate us.


Novian - Indonesia

Suitable For Which Age Group of Children?

It is best suitable for High School and College going children, although older adults can also use it easily.

If your children are younger than 13, then they will need your help to use it. Don’t worry. To make the job of parents easier, a special Parent Guide (part-9) is included in Success MindwareTM 

And here's something interesting, even parents with newborn babies should use Success Mindware


Because behind every successful children are positive parents. If parents are well informed, they will easily pass on the advantages to their children. And, it's very easy to shape young children’s mind.

What's more, here's something else about Success MindwareTM that makes it more exciting...


Your Whole Family Can Use This!

As Success MindwareTM is a complete self-development program designed to improve all important areas of life and teach important success skills, it is useful not just for children, but also for adults!

Yes. You and your whole family can use Success MindwareTM for total self-improvement.  Because most of these information and methods given in Success MindwareTM are useful for human beings of any age:

  • Self-Image

  • Mind Programming 

  • Self-Confidence  

  • 100 % Concentration  

  • Brainpower

  • People skill  

  • Developing Success Habits

  • Creative thinking

  • Goal setting

  • Problem solving

  • Personality Development

  • Public speaking

  • Time Management

  • Maintaining good Relations

  • Health

  • Effective thinking skill

  • Increasing Memory

  • Luck,

  • Spirituality and Morality 

     and Much More

No doubt, Success MindwareTM is a kind of course which is useful not just for today, but also throughout life!

More Customer Feedback on Success MindwareTM :        

  • You can learn lot of information and important life skills sitting at home, whenever you get time from Success Mindware.
  • Helped me develop better self-esteem.

Ron Pechanek, USA,

"What Value Do You Put On a System That Will Help Your Children Live a No-Limit Life?"

Now, with so much benefits packed inside Success MindwareTM you might be naturally wondering “What does it all cost?”

You tell us. What’s it worth to you?

You see, the question isn't, "Is this all-in-one package worth the price we're charging?"  Because the fact is, it's worth a lot more…so much more, it's hard to count!

After all, how do you put a price tag on a complete step-by-step development course that helps your children grow in all areas of life—personal, family, career, education, financial, social, moral or spiritual?

You can't!

If we charged $20,000 it would still be cheap when compared to the secure and successful future it can create for your children.

Hence, the real question is…

"What value do you put on a course that will help your children score higher in exams, excel in Career, develop Attractive Personality, enjoy More Success in personal and social Life?”

"What's it worth to you to be able to protect your children from failure or unemployment…given the tough situation in education and job market?"

Do you think it might be $10,000?

Or $1,000?

Believe it or not. The price of Success MindwareTM is much less than whatever you might be guessing!


Transform Your Son or Daughter's Life
at the price of one good dress!

Yes. You can get Success Mindware™ with a one-time investment of just $67 


Now why is Success MindwareTM available at such an unbelievable price when it's good enough to be priced around at least $500?  After all, you might be aware that many people on internet are offering ebooks, similar to one or two parts of Success MindwareTM charging anywhere between $30  to $50.

Well, t
here are two reasons why Success MindwareTM is available to you at such an incredible price.

Number one reason is B.K. Narayan himself, the author and creator of Success MindwareTM

He says the main purpose in his life is to help as many children as possible and also make it affordable. So that almost every parent can take advantage of this life-changing system and give a better future to their children.

And the second reason is, all the 10 parts of Success MindwareTM are available as PDF manuals which you can download instantly to your computer.

Hence, as there are no printing costs for downloadable pdf manuals and no shipping or postage charges, you can get Success MindwareTM for much less than what it would cost if it were a hard copy manual.

The best part is...

The best part about Success MindwareTM is that you can order it right here on this web page from anywhere in the world and get started TODAY.

Thanks to the Internet, just minutes from now, with a couple of mouse clicks, you can gift your children the power to achieve their dreams!

One more thing, Success MindwareTM works perfectly well with both MAC or PC computers. Once you finish downloading Success MindwareTM, you can turn off the internet and read it on your computer.

 Also, you can copy it on a CD or print it out and put it in a three ring binder for easy reference.

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You will also receive these 3 incredible bonus gifts FREE, if you ask for your copy of Success MindwareTM by midnight tonight:

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“One Week To Good Handwriting”

Retrain your brain to write beautifully. Without good handwriting achieving good grades in exam is very difficult. Why lose when you can fine-tune your handwriting by giving your brain new instructions to write beautifully? This bonus ebook makes it easy.


Free Bonus Gift #2:  ($29  Value)

"21 Ways To Launch Yourself into a Career Or Self-employment You Love"

This bonus is worth million dollars! If your children use the ideas in it correctly, they will be able to launch themselves in a career or self-employment they love, irrespective of competition, location and time--even if they don't have proper formal education!


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Success MindwareTM Before Midnight Tonight and get
Email Consultations for One Year free  
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Yes, you will get free detail, personal email counseling and guidance from B.K Narayan for whole one year via email. 

If at any time you want more help or advice to guide your children better...just email him during the first year after you buy Success MindwareTM  

You will get quick answers. (Usually Narayan responds back within 24 hours unless he is busy with workshop or other engagements. As he answers his emails personally.)

This help is practically priceless. With this free email support Success MindwareTM will act as a custom-made program for your children. It will help your children get better results. And you'll get much more worth for your money.


Just the above three 'Powerful' BONUS GIFTS alone have a normal value of over $546.00

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Your No-Risk 30 Days

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Complete self-development package (set of 10pdf ebooks)  +  Free bonuses  +  One year email support -- All available to you for just $67

What a steal!  Frankly, this is one great deal.  But still, you get Success MindwareTM with 30 Days money-back guarantee to ensure you take no risk.

After all, there are quite a few scams going on around internet. But our 30 days Money Back Guarantee gives you enough time to check out Success MindwareTM and also to ensure that you are getting exactly the kind of product we claim we are giving.

See, it's that safe. So GO for it.

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Success MindwareTM   


More Customer Feedback on Success MindwareTM :        

  • It has helped me and my children improve ourselves. I find it useful for the whole family.
  • There are helpful tips and exercises that relate to every aspect of living an involved and successful life.

Peter Shepherd, France

"4 Reasons, Why Your Investment in
Success Mindware
TM Will Never Go Waste..."

Reason 1
Life long use

Success MindwareTM is a total self-improvement course that helps your children in all stages of life:

  • Student life

  • Career or business life

  • Family life

  • Personal life and more…

In fact, Success MindwareTM is a kind of product that your children can even pass it on to their kids  :)

Reason 2:  Will Always remain with your children

Survey shows that majority of participants of Direct-Training (like classes and workshops) forget most of the instructions in 3 to 4 weeks.

No such loss with Success MindwareTM 

Because Success MindwareTM will always remain with your childrenready to guide them whenever they need help!

Also, your children can use Success MindwareTM according to their convenience and in the comfort of their home. They can even repeat a particular lesson or exercise any number of times, to master important skills.

That's why, having this kind of all-in-one self-development system at home
 is like having a Personal Success Consultant with you
always available to solve your children's problem and worries. Show your children the right techniques to achieve success more easily.

 Reason 3: Your children can use it along with their regular studies.

Your children can use Success MindwareTM along with their regular studies. In fact, they can use it in any way they want. They can:

  • Learn all the skills or techniques one by one starting from today, or

  • First learn the skill or method that they need urgently, and learn other skills at their own pace or

  • Use Success MindwareTM part-by-part, whenever they get time or

  • Open it whenever they run across any problem, find the solution and use it!

 Reason 4: Offers Complete Help To Your children

Success Mindware
TM covers all major areas of life:  Brainpower, Self-image, Studies, Career, Personality, Health, Creativity, Relationships, and much more.

It has been carefully designed to make sure your children get all the advantages, power and skills to succeed in today’s tough times.

"Don't decide now. Just try it without any risk"

No doubt, it may be hard for you to believe that this sort of 'all-in-one' complete development system really exists--which is being offered at such a low price. And also comes with money back guarantee!

But don't let fear or doubt stand in the way of what could be your best opportunity to help your children transform their life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In fact, here's a better way.  

Don't decide now if Success MindwareTM is for you. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn’t help you improve your children, if it doesn’t teach valuable information and skills to your children and save you frustration, if it isn't what you thought it was, you have nothing to worry about.  

Because you can get every cent of your money back under our 100% Money-back guarantee promise.

"Give Your Children The Power to Achieve Anything They Want"

Can you imagine what your children can become using the incredible tools and easy techniques packed inside Success MindwareTM?

Your children will become confident achievers. They will become self-starters and self-sufficient. Your children will learn all the success skills required in 21 century and beat any competition hands down. They will enjoy more success in their life...without stress.

And you no longer will have to worry about your children's future!

You no longer will have to watch your children struggle with studies.

You no longer will have to worry about their career.

You no longer will have to wonder whether your children will manage to live successful life filled with love, wealth, health and happiness!



More Customer Feedback on Success MindwareTM :

"Has helped me and my children..."

"The course you have designed is simple in language and easy to understand. I am happy to inform you that the Success Mindware course has helped me too along with my children. My young children now watch less TV programs, have increased their word power and have got cent percent attendance to school during last 3 years. Success Mindware's continuous support enable us move towards peaceful and successful life."


Dr. Giriyappa Kollannavar, Chennai.

Gift Your Children Success MindwareTM Now  

Help your children escape ordinary life!

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Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed


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Note: Your payment is processed securely. You can pay through credit/debit card or Paypal. And you will get links to download Success MindwareTM




Do you have any questions about
Success Mindware

Then you can ask the author and creator of Success MindwareTM...

"Never Underestimate
Your Children!" 


Hi, I'm B.K Narayan. Today I am a successful consultant, self-improvement expert, author and a proud parent of two successful children. But years ago, I was a failed student, distracted and disinterested! However an accidental use of one single mind
programming method changed me from a failure to successful student! And put me on path to more success in life.

That’s why I always tell parents that, “Never underestimate your children. Don’t write them off as failure or average. Children can change, as I did.”
You can read my full story here.

If you want to ask me anything about Success MindwareTM or how it can help your children, then contact me at: bknarayan@mindpowerguide.biz. I will be delighted to provide you with answers to any questions that you may have. 

Author of Success MindwareTM and
251 Ways To Study Success ebook

If You are yet to decide on getting 
Success Mindware
TM for your children check this out…

  • Do you know about these 42 Problems that obstruct success of children?
    Children who aren't doing well in studies and other areas of life suffer from one or more of these problems! So check them out to make sure your children are not suffering from any of them.

  • Do you want to help your children escape poor Life? Then provide answers to these 26 Questions.


Still have a doubt? Then download now...

 Success MindwareTM Free Chapter!




Chapter 1 of Part-1 of Success MindwareTM  

"Test in 66 Seconds whether you are programmed to Excel in life or not. And Reprogram yourself to have confidence to Achieve Anything in 50 minutes."

Follow simple training given at the end of the 
above chapter to
develop “Winner Self-Image” permanently.

Click here to download Chapter 1 
Start your success journey... absolutely free.


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